Re-Tie & Tether (5-Pack)

A reusable multipurpose tie strap with features that allows for a number of tie combinations.
Secure wires, cords, tubing or hoses to other devices. Keeps things neat and organized.
Available in black and different color 5 packs.



A padded device for your trailer hitch/ ball mount.
Fits any 2.5 wide hitch / ball mount. No need to remove the ball from the hitch, because will stretch over most 2 inch balls and ball mounts.
The Utility-Pad comes with a wire tether that attaches to the trailer wire that can be secured to the Utility-Pad to keep the trailer wire off the ground.
Available in Black, yellow, and orange. Special orders for other colors.

Black: P/N 1001 BLK
Orange: P/N UP 1002 OR
Yellow: P/N UP 1003 YLW