Oregon Made Plastic Products, Inc. (OMPP) started in 2011 with a few good product ideas and a lot of know how. In just a few years OMPP has added more products and new equipment and in 2013 established a products line called HITCH-GEAR. This has allowed us to expand into Custom Injection Molding. OMPP is a quality first, efficient, low cost shop with flexibility to meet the demand in any market. Our extensive knowledge and innovation can tackle any molding issue.

If you are a Manufacturer tired of the long lead times from China, but want a completive price or an Entrepreneur looking for a Custom Injection Molder or maybe a local molder looking for a partner you can trust. Look to Oregon Made Plastic Products, Inc.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding


Oregon Made Plastic Products was established in 2011 and sustainability remains just as important today as it did from day one. We designed our own products to use available regrinds and reprocessed materials in the local market. We chose a tree for our logo, why? Because we wanted to send the message that we understand the impacts that plastics has on the environment and want to be part of the solution to curb its impact. We are proud of the dent we have made in reducing what might have just gone to the landfill. You can see some of our products at Hitch-Gear.com.

  • We specialize in small part and short run production
  • Machine sizes ranging from 25 ton to 150 ton
  • Experience with all types of plastics
  • Can assist in product design needs.
  • We work directly with local and offshore mold makers and Automation
  • We know prices are constantly increasing. We continually look for ways to produce the highest quality product for the lowest cost.
  • We also work closely with other molders in the area, If we can’t do it for you, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • We also have in-house Pad Printing and Sonic Welding capabilities.
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